I CAN NOT believe it is mid-September... nearly October?!?! Seriously?! I've been saying this since very soon after Teo was born... The term "time flies" holds complete new meaning to me after having kids. And time certainly has "flown". Sometimes, I think about what I would do differently if life had a rewind button. I suppose its very good that life doesn't have a rewind button. I'd probably be so obsessed with it I'd completely miss out on the here and now.

Here and now. Now - Eva has been walking for like 3 whole weeks! She's got the cutest little penguin waddle that really makes my heart flutter and melt every time I really focus in. She's beginning to understand the words that I say to her - "sit down", "put it away" and "give it back" are the ones that she understands right away. I love this stage! They are just learning to understand and apply your instructions and are so eager to do so. They aren't aware of the option to do otherwise... Not that that's something to be taken advantage of... its just nice to not have such a little person question every instruction I give for a change ;) Which brings me to my other little miracle... Teo!

Teo started PreSchool this year! I remember Felipe and I debating back and forth whether he should go 2 or 3 mornings a week (as the school offers both options). We thought 3 days might be too much for his sensitive little self. But, we were wrong because he LOVES it! On the days that he doesn't go, I think he's a little bummed about it. He loves his teachers, Ms. Sharon and Ms. Kalpana. He likes "Brooke" and "Brad" and [his little partner in crime] "Cameron". I know nothing of these little ones other than their names, but Teo loves them. I've had to ground him from his computer games for getting into trouble with Cameron - throwing wood chips and running around the room during craft time are things not to be taken lightly in the Rodriguez house ;) He's so good about repentance though... Which I'm thankful for, but makes me wonder... I suppose the next lesson taught should be that its NOT better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Oh my - all the many, many, many things that people don't share about parenthood. There is definately 'the good, the bad and the ugly'... No matter who you are or what you have/don't have! Right now, Teo is running around the living room in his Iron Man halloween costume yelling out super-hero-ish things and saving the world (good). He's making a huge mess with all the toys that I just cleaned up (bad), and he just informed me that he pooped in his pull-up (ugly).... And now he's singing a worship song that he learned at church - "so that I can praise Him, so that I can praise Him, so that I can praise Him" (priceless).

Felipe and I will be celebrating our anniversary in a couple of weeks! Four whole years. I'm pretty amazed by the man I married. Although no one is ever perfect in and of themselves, I was fortunate and blessed to find the person that is perfect for me. He truely brings out the me in me. Not the me that anyone else thinks I should be, or the me that I sometimes wish I was, but the me I was Created as. He definately knows "the good, the bad and the ugly" - and he still comes home every night and snuggles up next to me and doses off to share my dreams. That's amazing... Four down - many, many, many more to go! Bring it on!!


  1. Love it! Keep the honesty coming. The world needs more of it!

  2. Congratulations on 4 wonderful years and good job Eva!!