Merry Christmas!

So... Unfortunately, I gave up on trying to get Christmas cards out this year. And... something tells me I'm not the only one :) My refrigerator, which is usually covered from top to bottom with Christmas cards is not even half covered this year! Although we miss seeing all the sweet pictures of our friends and family ornamenting our kitchen, I totally understand and sympathize with everyone whose Christmas cards just did not make it to the top of their priority list this year.

It's been a loooong time since I've posted a blog. And, this one is going to be short and sweet, too. As we're wrapping up the year, I wanted to highlight some of the fun that our family has had this year...

Here is the Rodriguez Family TOP 10 for 2010:

10. AUGUST! Teo started Preschool, Eva started walking and Abuela Carmen visited from Bogota! We LOVE it when family comes to visit!!

9. ROAD TRIPS! Driving to Savannah for [best friend] Seth's wedding! Driving to Ohio for [Monica's cousin] Katrina's wedding! And driving to Chicago for [new niece] Keara's Christening!

8. Spending long summer days (and evenings) at the pool. This is mommy's favorite!

7. Thursday nights with Grandpa and cousins, Josh and Jackson! ~ Thanks Dad!!

6. It snowed in December! This never happens where we live, so you can imagine our surprise when we had to start using the heater in early November, and the cold weather progressed enough to bring us a little snow a month later. They are forecasting snow flurries on Christmas Day! This is really exciting for Teo :)

5. Felipe started a new job this year in November! He's the Operations Manager at the LA Fitness (2 miles from our house!!). He's super-busy, but in a good way :) and he enjoys the work he's doing (for a change)!

4. Abuelo Christian coming to visit in December!! We love and miss Abuelo more than words can say, so his visits are always anticipated and welcomed!!

3. Our little guy is completely potty-trained (as of around August/September). I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to be able to deal with the "smell" from his laundry basket (wet undies and pants), but fortunately now, all the clothes in the basket are dry when they go in!

2. Teo can write his name, recognizes letters and numbers, knows all his colors and is such a great helper and big brother. We're so proud of the little man he's growing in to. We've celebrated at his Preschool for Harvest Parties and Christmas plays and Christmas parties too. He was a shepherd in the play and he did a great job! He loves all his friends at Preschool and his teachers too.

1. We're excited about Tia Alejandra's (Felipe's sister) upcoming wedding in July of 2011!! Oscar proposed a couple of weeks ago and the wedding planning has begun :) We can't wait for Oscar to be an "official" part of the family! Congrats to them both and we love them SOOOO much!!

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