New life verse.

Psalm 46:10 "Cease striving and know that I am God."

I am not perfect. I do not have to be perfect. I wasn't made to be perfect, in and of myself. I am not a robot with endless amounts of energy and consistent behaviors. I can stop trying to make everything around me perfect. We are all different, but we were created (all of us) in the image of God our Father, our Creator. HE is working to bring everything and everyone to perfection. Its a process that I am believing and trusting in. HE is in control of all my days and all my moments. He will lift me up when I fall, and show me the error in my ways. He will teach me the way to be, and the way to go. He will extend His immeasurable and incomprehensible grace to me. He forgives, and He loves.

My life is yours for the taking, Lord. I am learning that I can not live this life in my own capacity, without failing miserably. I need You to help me. I know You are in control, so I can stop striving. I can stop wearing myself [and everyone around me] out in attempt to make everything something different from what it is. It is what it is because You made it that way... and You are making it what it needs to be. Knowing that You are in control, I can rest.


  1. Just followed your link over from FB. That is an awesome life verse, and one that I need to work on applying.

    I added myself as a follower!

    Rebecca (from NMC)