Night Time Gardening

At the moment I'm giggling to myself... partly because the title of this post (if I were someone else reading it) I would roll my eyes and think [mainly] that it was super cheesy. But, I suppose anyone who uses the word "super" all too often would have to be a little bit cheesy -- at least. Aaaand, partly because, in addition to tapping in to my "cheesy" self tonight, a little bit of my "crazy" has come out as well... I thought it would be a great thing to post about! It has been since Christmas [!] since I posted last. So... to preface the reason why I am gardening at night... My dear, sweet, wonderful husband (even after years of marriage and two kids, I can still get that feeling of giddy at the word "husband") has been in Colombia since Thursday. Him and I were both SOOOO excited for the opportunity for him to go. You see, it has been an entire decade since he has been back to his country! I can only imagine that his time there has been invaluable. Well - he is coming home to me tomorrow :D So, naturally, I want to have everything clean and pretty for him when he arrives... and its nice to throw in a few surprises too. I realize that a garden is not the most exciting (or even least exciting) thing for a husband to come home to. But, Felipe, being the sweety that he is, is totally the type of person who would see it and appreciate the thought and effort behind it -- he may not pick up on totally obvious things, but he really hones in on the not-so-obvious... like a flower bed for our front yard. What does a flower bed say to Felipe?, you ask... (I realize I'm about to speak for him, but I guess I'm allowd to... if he disagrees, I promise I'll post a reprise to this!)... it says! "My wife didn't just sit around and do nothing while I was on vacation in another country, enjoying myself. My wife cares about me, because she cares about our home (even though we're busting through the seams of it). And, last but not least, my wife loves me." ... I promise, these are Felipe's thoughts, not my own!! So, on to my night-time gardening... I must say, this was the most theraputic thing I have done in a long time. And when I say theraputic, I mean relaxing (mostly). I realized how uncomfortable it is to plant stuff in the daytime... its hot, I'm sweaty, I'm much more aware of the many people driving or passing by - which makes me a little insecure about what I'm doing... "am I doing this right?, should I not be using my child's play shovel to dig the small hole for this flower?, is my butt-crack showing?" hahaha - actually, that was just to get a laugh - becuase I'm really good about making sure its not! :D Plus! I'm thinking about the ten other things that need to get done before the sun goes down! In contrast - the night time air was soooo nice (like nice enough to sleep outside in!), the kids were asleep - so I didn't have to worry about what they might be getting in to or where they would wonder off to, and its too dark for anyone to notice the bright blue and green plastic shovel in my hand! hehehe ( I've been using it for 2 years! just can't bring myself to spend $10 on a stainless steele teeny-tiny shovel that I use twice a year... call me crazy!) AND, it was a much more productive alternative to Sunday night television. So, you may be wondering "why" this was relaxing?? I'm sure some of you know without any incling of explanation - but for anyone else that I might have to sell my "crazy" to... Imagine time. Imagine time alone. Imagine time alone in the dark. Imagine time alone in the dark with complete conscienceness. - Hopefully, that's enough said... it should be for anyone who knows what's its like to be a mommy of two little precious, crazy, beautiful, out-of-control, irreplacable, completely and unconditionally loved little ones. :P Weellll, that's pretty much it. Night time gardening. I recommend it. Never-mind what the people in the few cars driving by think ("that's crazy", "what a wierdo", "those marigolds totally need another type of soil")... just do it. I wish I could post pictures, but Felipe has our camera in Colombia! AND we aren't smart enough to have smart phones yet... or usb chords that go to our un-smart phones. The End.

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  1. I love this ...and I get it;)Plus I really do enjoy your blog posts!